gail and nikki

Stories Matter!

      From earliest times, sharing stories has been a vital way to communicate, to connect, to share experience. Reading or hearing a story allows us to see from someone else's perspective, shows us what the teller notices or thinks, tells us what's happened and how, and gives us an idea of how someone else thinks it all fits together. I don't think the genre of a story matters much, only that it gives us something we didn't have before. Something useful, maybe. Something interesting, certainly. Perhaps even something beautiful.


      My stories are about lots of different things, set in different times and places, written for different age groups. Readers have told me that they see some common threads in my stories - that hope runs deep whatever the circumstance, that wonder surrounds us, that there is always the chance to change and grow. But whatever the tale, I simply want them to be worth your time. We all have stories to tell. I'd love the chance to tell you some of mine, and hope that you join me here.

Gail Webber