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Photo © Kesra Hoffman

About Gail Webber

      Gail Webber is a retired science teacher, presently living in Western Maryland with her family and a changing array of "critters" that share their home on the mountain.

      Gail received her undergraduate degree in Zoology from Iowa State University, and did graduate work in Education at Trinity College and Catholic University. Her Masters degree from Hood College is in Biomedical Technology. In her teaching career, Gail taught various science courses in middle school, high school, and college. She also worked for two non-profit organizations, one with a focus on environmental education, and the other offering assistance to troubled young people. In those capacities, she's written more than thirty curricula for targeted audiences. Now she's a full time fiction writer.

      Her most recent publication is Ghost on the Path, a novel about finding peace in the wake of tragedy, published by Archway Publishing.