gail and nikki

Short Stories

Life is amazing. There are stories everywhere, not just those we tell each other or those we read, but those we live. Stories. We enjoy them because they forge connections between past and present, between self and other, between real and imagined. Stories. I love hearing them and writing them. If you'd like to read a few of mine that have been published - for free - please click on the links below.

Elephants on the Lawn

In The Tower Journal: Elephants on the Lawn

    Bill waves good-bye to his mother and new stepfather, left with his difficult grandparents in an island town.
He expects adventure and freedom, but finds something very different.

Never Waste a Good Hole

In Persimmon Tree: Never Waste a Good Hole, or in the Write Well Award anthology here through Amazon

    With a family history of hole-digging as a way to address problems, it makes sense for Alicia to pick up her
shovel and head outside. But what's the problem?


In the anthology How Well You Walk Through Madness: Chickens

    In recent years, Annie's memory has been deteriorating, but life is still good with chickens to tend and
lovely dishes to prepare and enjoy eating. Now her difficult husband has gone off somewhere,
and she has no idea what to think.

The Net

In Toasted Cheese Literary Journal: The Net

    When a 14-year-old girl gets her first job, there are things she expects to learn; other lessons change her
in unexpected ways.

Finish the Story

In Fiftiness: Finish the Story

    Connecting through stories at any age.

Buzzard Becky

In The Pink Chameleon: Buzzard Becky

    It isn't easy always being the new girl at school. This time is going to be even more challenging.